HubSpot ERP Provides Unrivaled Visibility and Adaptability

Introduction to HubSpot ERP

HubSpot ERP is a complete enterprise resource planning platform built on HubSpot’s powerful CRM foundation. It goes beyond traditional ERP to connect front and back office teams with unified data, workflows, and reporting. Key features and benefits include:

  • Seamlessly combines CRM, financials, inventory, order management, business intelligence, and more on one connected platform
  • Centralizes data across business units for a single source of truth
  • Highly flexible configuration to adapt the system to your exact needs
  • Intuitive interface for simplified use and easy adoption
  • Real-time analytics and comprehensive reporting for data-driven decisions
  • Built-in integrations with other HubSpot products and apps ecosystem
  • Secure and compliant cloud delivery model

With HubSpot ERP, businesses gain unprecedented visibility and control across the organization to streamline operations.

Understanding ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software integrates various business processes into a single unified system. Traditional ERPs focus heavily on back-office functions like accounting, inventory, supply chain, and manufacturing.

Key capabilities offered in ERP platforms generally include:

  • Financial management features like general ledger, accounts payable/receivable, budgeting, and more
  • Inventory and order management covering stock levels, sales orders, and workflow
  • Supply chain automation for vendors, shipping, warehouses, and procurement
  • Reporting and analytics for data insights across business units
  • Additional components like HR, CRM, project management, and custom apps

By centralizing these systems into an integrated environment, ERP aims to allow businesses to manage operations efficiently under one roof.

Why Businesses Adopt ERP

There are several compelling reasons companies invest in ERP software solutions:

Streamlining Business Processes

Transitioning from disjointed legacy systems to centralized ERP combines siloed information and automates tasks into unified workflows. This eliminates redundant manual processes and data discrepancies.

Enhanced Reporting and Data Analysis

With a single system managing business-critical information, ERP enables real-time analytics and reporting across data sets. This provides unprecedented enterprise-wide visibility to inform better decisions.

Driving Efficiencies and Growth

ERP implementation helps optimize production cycles, increase on-time order delivery, accelerate financial closes, improve inventory accuracy, and more. This drives efficiencies to reduce costs and fuel business growth.

How HubSpot ERP is Unique

While ERP platforms aim to centralize data, many still operate in a fragmented environment that lacks cohesion. HubSpot ERP overcomes this through its foundation.

Unified CRM Foundation

HubSpot ERP is natively built on top of HubSpot’s powerful CRM platform instead of retrofitted to it. This unifies front and back office teams on a single connected system spanning the entire customer lifecycle.

Pre-Built Integrations and Connectors

With 200+ free integrations to apps and software you already use, HubSpot ERP eliminates complex IT projects. You can also leverage APIs for unlimited custom connections.

This unified data environment provides complete visibility so you can proactively identify and address problems before they arise.

Key Capabilities

HubSpot ERP equips growing companies with enterprise-grade capabilities that flexibly adapt to their needs across essential business functions:

Financial Management

HubSpot ERP centralizes accounting on a single ledger for unified finances. Key features include:

  • General ledger, accounts payable/receivable, double-entry accounting
  • Flexible chart of accounts with custom fields
  • Multicurrency and tax support
  • Budgeting and forecasting tools
  • Cash flow reporting and balance visualization

Inventory and Order Management

Accurately track inventory while efficiently managing order workflows with:

  • Real-time stock tracking across unlimited locations
  • Automated reorder point notifications
  • Sales order management and approvals
  • Warehouse/inventory transfers

Supply Chain Automation

Streamline procure-to-pay while automating vendor and shipping workflows:

  • Vendor profiles with purchase histories
  • Requisition requests and approvals
  • Purchase order generation
  • Receiving and return automation
  • Multiple warehouse/dropship location support

Business Intelligence and Reporting

With data connected enterprise-wide, leverage real-time analytics and reporting to unlock insights:

  • Customizable live dashboards
  • Ad hoc reporting builder
  • Financial report creator
  • Data exports to CSV/Excel

Project Management

Track project financials, tasks, and schedules across teams:

  • Project budgets/actual costs
  • Assign tasks + due dates
  • Time tracking
  • Gantt chart scheduling
  • Project templates

These integrated capabilities provide end-to-end visibility across your organization.

Seamless Integration

A key differentiator for HubSpot ERP is its seamless integration capabilities to unify data.

Built-In Integrations

200+ native integrations eliminate complex IT projects so you can easily:

  • Connect popular software like QuickBooks, Shopify, Stripe, Mailchimp
  • Migrate historical data between systems
  • Build automations across apps with workflows

Ecosystem of Apps

Leverage thousands of apps in HubSpot’s ecosystem like:

  • Payments/billing apps
  • Planning/budgeting apps
  • Inventory apps
  • CPQ apps

Custom Integrations

For unique needs, build custom integrations through:

  • Powerful API to connect unlimited data sources
  • Real-time syncing and database flexibility
  • Out-of-the-box developer tools

This seamless connectivity provides complete visibility as you scale.

User-Friendly Interface

Unlike many ERP platforms, HubSpot focuses heavily on usability with an intuitive interface.

Simplified NavigationNavigate seamlessly between functional modules like CRM, financials, inventory under one roof.
Interactive DashboardsPersonalized homepages feature live KPIs for top-down visibility at a glance. Click into trends for detailed reports.
Role-Based ViewsDisplay only relevant data fields, actions, and workflows based on user roles like Finance, Sales, Service and more. This increases adoption across teams.

With a simplified experience, personnel can ramp up quickly driving adoption.

Data Centralization

Eliminating fragmented data is the first step to unlocking real-time visibility and insights.

Single Source of TruthHubSpot ERP centralizes information enterprise-wide – from front office data to back office systems – under one roof.
Eliminate Data SilosLegacy systems often operate in silos, leading to discrepancies and limited reporting. Connected data eliminates this.
Cross-Data AnalysisWith unified data environments, generate insights across datasets to uncover trends.

This enterprise-wide data access fuels informed strategic decisions.

Flexible Configuration

HubSpot ERP adapts seamlessly to your unique needs with point-and-click configuration:

Customization CapabilityDescription
Adapt Forms and FieldsAdd custom fields or properties to capture specialized data across system objects like companies, contacts, products, deals and more.
Map Data RelationshipsCreate one-to-many or many-to-many connections between CRM entities and financial records for desired visibility.
Customize WorkflowsBuild “trigger-action” workflows to model your processes like sales order approvals, stock reorder notifications, etc.

Instead of forcing your processes into rigid frameworks, you can model the exact environment needed.

Robust Customization

While configuration supports adapting the platform to your environment, developers can build truly custom components.

Custom App CapabilityDescription
Custom Apps and ObjectsLeverage developer tools to build new system objects or full-fledged apps for specialized use cases like field services, manufacturing, etc.
Automate Unique ProcessesDesign custom workflows, properties, actions and more then integrate via API to model your exact operational environment.
Extend FunctionalityQuickly add new tabs, custom fields, actions and more directly within the UI without relying on IT projects and tickets.

This unlimited flexibility allows modeling systems to your current and future needs.

Remote Accessibility

As a cloud-based system built on Amazon Web Services, HubSpot ERP provides anytime, anywhere access without IT infrastructure investments.

Access MethodDescription
100% Web BasedLog in from any browser on your computer, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection.
Native Mobile AppiOS and Android apps enable remote management, approvals and dashboard visibility on-the-go.
Responsive DesignDashboards and views automatically adapt to any screen size: phone, tablet, desktop for convenience.

With reliable uptime and flexible access, you remain productive from anywhere.

Security and Compliance

HubSpot ERP follows enterprise-grade security and compliance standards for your peace of mind:

SOC 2 Type 2 CertifiedHubSpot ensures data security, availability and confidentiality through rigorous auditing to renew this gold standard certification yearly.
GDPR CompliantEU data privacy regulation compliance demonstrates HubSpot’s commitment to protecting customer data through policy and technology.
EncryptionSensitive data at rest and in transit is safeguarded by powerful encryption. Custom encryption keys further protect data.

Detailed audits, infrastructure hardening and other measures provide airtight security and compliance.

Ongoing Innovation

With quarterly product updates directly influenced by customer feedback, HubSpot ERP continues advancing at a rapid pace:

Innovation DriverDescription
Quarterly Product UpdatesRapid agile development cycles deliver major capability upgrades and new features every 3 months based on real customer needs.
Customer Feature RequestsSubmit product suggestions directly to HubSpot’s product team, who review the most popular requests while planning development roadmaps.
Expanded PlatformThe future product roadmap hints at exciting new ERP modules like inventory planning, advanced reporting, manufacturing support, field services and more over the next 1-2 years.

With relentless improvement, HubSpot ERP pushes the boundaries of possibility for growing businesses.

Excellent Support Resources

Implementing any business system can involve a learning curve. To smooth adoption, HubSpot provides stellar educational content.

Support ChannelsDescription
DocumentationBrowse help articles covering essential topics and processes to learn as you go.
Training CoursesSelf-paced interactive courses teach you how to use key features through scenario-based lessons.
Community ForumsEngage peer users in discussion forums moderated by HubSpot experts to get answers fast.

Between robust documentation, training and community support, users can ramp up quickly.

Conclusion: The Game Changing ERP Solution

HubSpot ERP delivers complete visibility and adaptability that modern dynamic companies need by:

  • Unifying front + back office data for single source of truth
  • Flexible configuration to model your unique processes
  • Seamlessly connecting existing platforms via rich integration
  • Intuitive interface for easy user adoption
  • Ongoing innovation and excellent support

Looking beyond siloed legacy systems, HubSpot ERP revolutionizes enterprise technology with customer-centric design. It empowers businesses to streamline complex operations for new levels of speed, visibility and scale.